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M-Remittance service launched between the UAE and the Philippines

May 21, 2008

Germany based company, Paybox and Abu Dhabi based Lari Exchange have launched payMAX, the first mobile remittance service from the Middle East to G Cash’s mobile wallet in the Philippines. This is seen as the beginning of a strategic partnership between Paybox Mobiliser Platform and Lari’s experience and network in Remittances to build a mobile remittance platform from the UAE. Middle East has a considerable population comprising of the overseas workers which makes it an ideal destination for such services.


The new service is currently available through web screens at the Lari Exchange outlets and is enabling the customers to send immediate cash back home to friends and family in the Philippines by depositing the money in any one of the Lari outlets. They can then request to remit the money in Dirham value to Globe Telecom customers in the Philippines, which will be converted into Filipino pesos and deposited into the beneficiaries’ G Cash wallet. Lari expects to expand its customer base through this move which would also bring in the profits subsequently. Other countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia are also being targeted.