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Land Bank now offering easy Padala remittance service

May 20, 2008

The Land Bank of the Philippines has come up with a new set of remittance services that would cater to the needs of the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) living in countries like Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, Kuwait and the US. The service is going to help the OFWs to transfer funds from a local Land Bank account to a foreign currency LandBank account. Additionally, the users would also get two notable services, the iCheque and iWires that would allow them to issue checks and wire transfer through their online accounts.


The easy Padala service is a blessing for several million OFWs living away from home as they get to avail remittance services online and be assured that their money has reached their loved ones on time. This facility has made it quite easier for the OFWs to remit money and remain sure. The service is in initial stages and is expected to expand to other countries having OFW presence in the days to come.